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E-Commerce Integration

Just having brick and mortar shop is not sufficient in today’s competition. E-commerce is an essential part of businesses. Be it a simple Wordpress and Woocommerce integration or be it complex Opencart customisation or even custom made solution using Nopcommerce we have experience of all.

We analyse the business needs and identify the exact solution that is needed for the business. We create custom solutions using e-commerce platforms. Solutions such as Individual nanny booking or Quotation Generation solution or selling event tickets on your Woocommerce. We have done it all. So it is not just plain e-commerce integration but a completely special customised solutions for your business.

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Mobile App and PWAs

Nowadays having just web presence is not enough for businesses. More than 60% online traffic hitting your website is coming from mobile devices. In this case it is important for businesses to be mobile ready. At Edify Now we helped businesses build their own complex Mobile Apps or Progressive Web Apps to engage with the customers using mobile devices.

At My IT Helpline we help small and medium businesses assess their mobile strategy. We guide businesses to optimise their mobile based customer interactions and we build mobile solutions for the businesses.

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Digital Payment Integration

Digital Payments are easy to way for businesses to get paid. Be it an e-commerce shop or an online consultancy or a brick and mortar establishment like a retail shop or a restaurant; digital payments are everywhere.

At Edify Now we have built and maintained the most complex mobile payment solutions for reputed organisations like Network International. Integrating the Payments with the existing shop’s environment and securing the solution to fulfil all the PCI requirements is a tough task for small and medium businesses. But at My IT Helpline we use our expertise in payment integration to help SMEs across the globe.

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Custom Software Integration

We believe that software solution do not follow the ‘One Size Fits All’ approach. Each business we worked with always had something or the other which is unique to that particular business. Our speciality is that we design and develop customise software solutions which are unique to your business.

We also believe that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel and there are most of the ready made solutions available in the market. But when it comes to integrating them and making them as a fully functional fit solution for your business our expertise comes handy. We analyse the existing business process and also all your existing digital assets and then suggest integration pieces to make all components to work together. This way we can keep the cost low and reuse what already is present in the system environment.

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Digital Security

Your digital assets are always at risk of getting hacked or stolen. In this connected world a businesses digital assets are of very high value. They represent the brand image of the company and contribute to the digital reputation of your business.

At My IT Helpline we provide you complete end to end solutions to protect your digital assets. Be it your simple Wordpress Website or a full-fledged application server; our security solutions will spare you from the worry. So you can focus on the business and leave the security in our expert hands.

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Digital Branding

In this widely connected and rapidly digitised world; not going digital will be the fastest way to kill your brand. At My IT Helpline we help businesses to connect their brand to the digital world. We help them build the digital reputation and connect with their customers.

By using our technology solutions tailored for Small and Medium businesses the business owners can increase their revenue, optimise their profits and improve brand experience.

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