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WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

More than 60 thousand WordPress sites get hacked every day! Don’t believe us? Have a look at this real-time counter. It’s extremely frustrating to get hacked. It costs time, money, reputation, and nerves, but what’s even worse – in most cases it’s completely avoidable if you follow WordPress security best practices. No site is completely hack-proof. The fact that huge companies get hacked all the time is the best example of that. However, just a tiny effort can dramatically increase chances for not getting hacked!
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Hackers love low hanging fruit

f you’re hacking more/less any site you can and don’t have a specific target it’s obvious you’ll initially target the weakest sites. Ones that take almost no effort to hack. All we’re saying is – don’t be in that category! Believe us, it doesn’t take much because a lot of people have 12345 set as their password and don’t update WordPress plugins, core or themes for years.

We’ve created this free scanner to show you a few things you should check on your site. None of the listed things by themselves pose any danger but they do increase your chances for being hacked because you’re the low hanging fruit. Just enter your site’s URL and click Scan Site. It only takes a few seconds to do the scan. No, your site won’t slow down nor will anything bad happen to it. If you want to find out more about the tests, get help on how to fix them and perform over 40 tests to secure your site please contact us.